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So You've done 2000 shows. Who gives a flying fork.

Sports are all about stats. The longer you play, the bigger the numbers.

For instance nobody has played more MLB games than Pete Rose. The all time hits leader played in 3562 games while Sox legend Captain Carl Yastrzemski is right behind him at 3308.

Another Boston legend, the Chief Robert Parish, played in a record 1611 NBA games while Morten Anderson kicked in 382 NFL games. Gordie Howe laced up his skates in 1676 hockey games, the most of all time.

Local media guy Rich Kimball is celebrating his 2000th Downtown radio show this week. Yup, he still has a show. Seems this example begs a comparable philosophical question to the tree falling in the woods without anyone around: If you broadcast a show without listeners does it still count?”

Apparently so.

Only Rich would bother to keep an exact total. Narcissism at its best. Most of us radio types don’t know exactly how many shows we have broadcast. But most of us do listener focused shows, not host focused.

I would guess during my almost 6 years at WZON I was part of about 1250 Shootaround with Jeff Solari shows. Add on almost four years on The Drive on 92.9FM The Ticket and I think that number grows by maybe 700?

And let’s not forget I was Rich’s fill in host for a couple of years on Downtown so we’ll tack on another 10 shows for that. So I think my total could be almost 2000?

But really who gives a flying fork. Our numbers pale in comparison to those of others.

Dale Duff has been a morning show staple since the early 1990’s on Maine radio. By a very rough count I would guess the Duffer has hosted in the ballpark of 6000 shows during the past 25 years or so. That may be a little high but it’s in the ball park I bet.

Clem Labree wouldn’t be far behind. He was with Dale for most of the run on WZON and for a couple of years on 92.9. I think his number could be more than 5000.

Dan Hannigan had a long run on WZON. Not sure of his stats.

And these are just the sports guys. The radio market is filled with longtime local announcers like Bobby Russell and Scottie Moore on WKIT, Fred Miller on WWMJ, Ric Tyler on WVOM, The Kid on Z-107.3, Mark Osborne on WNSX, Mike Dow and Mike Elliot on Big 104 FM, and Tom O. And Mr. Mike on WTOS. Or how about the late and truly great Chuck Foster who was on the air in Bangor for decades.

And at the end of the day, aren’t we all just living in the shadow of George Hale? He’s in his mid 80’s and still bringing it on WVOM.

So many have put thousands of hours into hosting local radio shows. None were egotistical enough to count their show total like notches on a bedpost. But if they did the numbers would be staggering and would certainly dwarf 2000.

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