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Brady signs new extension. Thoughts and head shaking stats here

On Sunday, news broke that Tom Brady and the Patriots have reached an agreement on a two year contract extension that will give the GOAT $8 million more this season and make him a Patriot through 2021.

Quite the birthday present for a 42-year old quarterback, one that no other quadragenarian has ever received. When George Blanda turned 40 the Raiders made him a kicker, they weren’t trying to give him a 50% pay raise.

3 more years of Tom Brady and presumably 3 more years of Bill Belichick. When this deal is done, Brady will be 44 and will turn 45 before the 2022 season.

Belichick turned 67 this past April and will turn 70 just a few months after Brady’s extension is over. Coach Belichick said years ago that he wouldn’t coach into his 70’s like Marv Levy. Finding information about Belichick’s contract with the Patriots is about like locating the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa, both are buried deep beneath the turf of old Giants Stadium. Could this be an extension for Belichick too?

Never has the departure date of a coach/quarterback tandem been more discussed than with these two. With good reason, nobody has been as successful as New England’s duo. However at this point, linking both parties to this extension doesn’t feel like much of a reach.

Brady has always said that he’s going to play until he’s 45 and even the most ardent Brady supporters among us, scoffed at the notion. Throw miracle touchdowns to Kenbrell Tompkins? Sure, we all believe that would happen.

Come back from 28-3 down vs the Falcons in the Super Bowl? Tom Brady COULD do that! We all believed on a football field that there wasn’t anything that #12 couldn’t do, but defeat Father Time? Well, Father Time is undefeated for a reason. However Brady has won 6 Super Bowls, this is the matchup of the irresistible force and the immovable object.

Few even have the opportunity to accept the challenge.

One thing we now know for sure, is that we’re going to get the chance to see how this story ends, exactly where it began.

(Technically a few hundred yards away, because Brady’s first two seasons were played at Foxboro Stadium and that was torn down in 2002 and replaced by CMGI Field which is some tech company that went out of business and eventually became Gillette Stadium. So it’s not exactly where it started but it’s the same plot of land that Robert Kraft owns, so it’s basically the same thing. You get it, you do.)

A Little More Info on TB 12's Contract Extension

"Here’s the important info with the Tom Brady deal, per source. It’s a 2-year extension with $70M in new money. He’ll earn $23M this year ($8M raise) while trimming $5.5M off the cap, bringing Pats space to about $14.5M. He’s on the books for $30M in ‘20, $32M in ‘21."

Jeff Howe

"By saving 5.5 million on the cap with Brady's new number, the #Patriotsare around 13 million under now. Shopping season? They're much better armed now..."

Mike Giardi

Tom Brady cash earnings from Patriots

2015 thru 2019 - (5 years)


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Gordon Hayward cash earnings from Celtics

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