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The Hall of Fame is a Sham Without Pete Rose!

This could be an annual column. Copy. Paste. Same message. It's Hall of Fame weekend, and it's a sham.

It's not a true hall of fame without the greatest hitter of all time enshrined there. Pete Rose should be in the hall. End ion debate.

This alleged hallowed ground is merely a shell of what it should be without Rose having a huge bronze bust prominently displayed.

Major League Baseball is now on Commissioner #3 since A. Bartlett Giamatti unfairly imposed a lifetime ban on Pete in 1988 for making a few bets that his team would win a game.

Pete never bet against his team, only that they would win. Pretty lame to suggest anything fishy was going on with those bets. Fay Vincent, Bud Selig and now Rob Manfred have not had the cajones to do the right thing and overturn this egregious miscarriage of justice.

Pete admitted he did it. He's guilty. Nobody is disputing that fact. However, the punishment most certainly does not fit the crime. Not even close. Rob Manfred, the current commissioner, could with the stroke of a pen undo the wrong and get Pete Rose on a hall of fame ballot immediately. But MLB Commissioners must have some secret society with an unwritten rule that if one commissioner screws a player over, the rest have to let it stand no matter what.

In our legal system you can find thousands of cases in this country where judges have reviewed the details and determined that the punishment was too stiff and the sentences are reduced to time served.

It's way past time for Rob Manfred to do the right thing and reduce Pete Rose's sentence and allow the all time leader in hits and hustle to be enshrined into baseball's Hall of Fame.

Until that time, it's just another building in some Podunk town in New York that nobody can even find on a map.

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