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2004 Red Sox Still Bring a Tear to My Eye

I’ve met some members of the amazing 2004 Red Sox team. Johnny Damon. Pedro Martinez.

And this week I’ll get to hang out with Mr. “Bloody Sock” himself Curt Schilling. He’ll be in Bangor Saturday meeting and greeting fans.

He played a big role in winning that 2004 trophy. 21 wins. Finished second in the Cy Young voting. Big performances in the ALCS and World Series.

I cant wait to hear him talk about that entire season. The drama of when he showed up and took the top spot in the rotation from Pedro. Playing for his bud Terry francona. The Nomar trade. Manny being Manny.

I want to hear the behind the scenes stories of the Idiots. The lock room hi jinx. Damons naked pull ups and players sneaking shots of Jack Daniel’s before playoff games. David Ortiz walk off hits. Plus perhaps I’ll hear some stories I have never heard.

I think 3 titles later we have forgotten a little bit about how that night in October really felt when the Sox finished off the Cardinals.

It was truly a once in a lifetime feeling. The emotions were intense. Then party was epic. I cant wait to walk down that memory lane one more time with Curt Schilling this week. Might even bring that little tear back.

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