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Summer is Great But I'm Bringing The Heat For Real!

The dogs days of summer are here. Heat. Humidity. Great for boating but not so much for sports topics. It’s pretty quiet right now, so that gives me plenty of time to think of random topics on which to pontificate here in the Sports Chowdah. Some are sports related but many are not.

Mens tennis is largely a forgotten sport in this country. It's been dog years since there has been an American male tennis player we give a lob about. But I will say the final between Federer and Djokovic was epic! The match lasted five hours. Just imagine the physical and mental toll that kind of match takes on a person. Amazing!

The Cars are the most over rated band in American history. There are no fewer than five radio stations in the Bangor market alone that pound the monotone, tone-deaf, pop drivel that somehow passes as rock from the artificially inflated Rick Ocasick and the boys. I know that they are from Boston so we are supposed to have undying adulation for them. But I don’t get it. With the exception of Moving in Stereo, their body of work blows. Go ahead and e mail me the name of a band more overrated than the Cars. I dare ya.

We are just about 80 days from the start of Black Bear Hockey season. I’ll say this: those of you who renewed your season tickets this year are loyal fans. Truly. By retaining Red Gendron the U Maine administration is signing off on mediocrity and an utter lack of commitment to winning. Sure, they lowered ticket prices. But thats just code for “ Yes we stink but we really hope you’ll still spend some of your hard earned money and show up here on frigid Friday nights in February. Please?”

Fellow drivers, as we merge onto the highway, it is our responsibility to yield. I was coming up onto I 95 the other day and both lanes were packed with cars. I had to almost stop. Some young lady with two kayaks on her roof came up behind me and repeatedly laid on her horn. Not sure where she thought I could move to but she almost got a paddle to the windshield.

The spring Boston radio ratings are out and 98.5 the Sports Hub just publicly embarrassed WEEI. What was once a close battle is now a blowout. WEEI parted ways with the controversial but ratings grabbing Kirk Minihan several months ago. Now they have let 20 year station vet Gerry Callahan go. WEEI is a tire fire and it won't get better soon.

Locally the spring ratings come out next week. I wrote a blog a few months ago on how the local sports shows struggle in the ratings. It ticked a lot of people off and someone even reported me to Neilsen. But Neilsen said my blog was fine, so trust me when I say another local radio ratings report is coming from me soon.

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