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The Sox, Kyrie, Pats and driving permits make me stop and ponder

Are you a “stop and smell the roses” kind of human? I like to think I am, yet I’m not sure I can provide much evidence of that.

Like you, I’ve got a lot of “stuff” going on that fills each day to the brim. Sometimes we need a potent reminder regarding the value of hopping off the merry-go-round-of life in order to sniff a rose or two; my reminder came this week.

Our eldest grandson has his driver’s permit, so he is looking to accumulate some hours behind the wheel with anyone who will take him out amidst the highways and byways of eastern Maine.

Being a nervy kind of guy, I offered to hit the road with him as we were discussing the latest Sox swoon. Minutes later, we were easing my beat-up truck out the driveway and into the streets of Orono.

Just a few minutes later, my potent reminder arrived as I flashed back to an early summer day fifteen years ago. On that day, as was my daily custom, I picked-up this same young man and buckled-his baby seat into the passenger side of the ‘ol pick-up, while I jumped behind the steering wheel and headed to the mall. Really doesn’t seem that long ago. Gulp. But it’s been well over a decade.

It suddenly hit me: the baby snuggled into the car seat 15 years ago was now behind the wheel. We had switched places! I was now 15 years older, sitting in the passenger seat while the toddler I used to play match-box cars with was driving a full-sized, non-pretend truck! Lesson learned. Gotta stop and smell the roses more often.

So that’s what I’m trying to do these days. Love the Red Sox, want them to win every game. If they don’t? Be thankful for last year’s title.

Kyrie heading out of Boston? Yawn. Really isn’t that important to me, especially considering the sick number of banner secured to the rafters of the Garden.

Pat’s going to keep on rolling? Will Brady continue to defy Mom Nature? Hope so. But wow-what a run they’ve been on lately….sniff, sniff…..smells pretty fine.

My Dad told me recently that getting older is like going down a hill on a toboggan; the farther you go, the faster you go. True, that. Got to get off that toboggan and do some more sniffing around. You with me?

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