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Fourth and Goal with the Bam!

Although it's a year away, the nonsense that is the Summer Olympics is making headlines already. The cerebral genius that makes up the Olympic Committee has decided that Breakdancing should be allowed as an event in the summer Olympics.

Read that last line slowly, and out loud. Breakdancing will be allowed as an event in the summer Olympics.

The same Olympics that don't think baseball, despite it being one of the most popular international sports ever, isn't worthy of Olympic status.

You can't be born with this level of stupid decision making. You really have to work at it.

So, if the summer games weren't bad enough already, and they are really bad, now we are poised to have Breakdancing. So, along with every men's basketball games being won by the U.S. by 40 points, some 50 pound girl winning the gymnastics gold medal, and countless running events ( seriously, if I want to watch people run just for the hell of it, I'll tune into Live PD on Friday night) we now have an 80's gimmick making a roaring comeback.

What's next? Olympic hog wrestling? Cat herding? Cow tipping? Wood chopping? The summer games maintains it's lofty status as the worst " event" known to man.

The best event of every Summer Olympics remains the same: The closing ceremony.

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