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Introducing the new Moosehead Athletic Conference in Maine High School Sports

Portland is not in northern Maine. But the Portland Bulldogs are when it comes to high school football. Searsport and Greenville are not in southern Maine. You know that. But the Maine Principles Association does not agree. At least when it comes to baseball and softball.

The current Regional classifications make us all look geographically challenged. It just sounds silly to give a Northern Maine ti

tle to a school located a short drive from the New Hampshire border. We need to do better.

For years we used to classify high school sports in this state as either playing in the East or West.

A few years ago the Maine Principles Association decided to really embrace the two Maines concept and classify teams from the the North or South.

Now I’m not suggesting re configuring the classes. I’m suggesting renaming them. Instead of inaccurate and just plain boring regional names, lets get creative.

We could come up with some class names like the colleges use such as the Big 10 or Big 12.

How about using something like the the old football PTC- Pine Tree conference?

Or name a couple classes after famous Mainers like Margaret Chase Smith, Joshua Chamberlain or Edmund Muskie.

Doesn’t it sound better to have the Greenville Lakers in the Chamberlain conference than class D south? Moosehead is not in the south. Actually Moosehead might make a nice name for a class/conference. The MAC. Moosehead Athletic Conference.

While this might not be the most pressing issue the MPA is facing, they must know we all snicker when we talk about Edward Little playing in the north.

Lets get creative and we can stop the eye rolls and make all of us look a little smarter.

At least when it comes to state geography.

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