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Time for the Sox to  Get Rid of Some Old Junk

Never mind that the Red Sox season seems to be sinking faster than the Titanic. Forget that their bullpen is middle school level quality. Disregard the guys at the bottom of the order hitting around or under the Mendoza line. Here’s an even bigger issue to ponder:

Why does it seem like Sox management could star in a TV show about hoarding? Why do they hang on to broken down old antiques that have no value, other than sentimental? Sentimental doesn't win you squat by the way.

I am of course talking about Dustin Pedroia. Talk about a guy, and an organization, who just doesn't know when to cut bait. The odds of Pedroia playing another game for the Sox are essentially a million to one. Zero chance. No AA rehab in Portland. No AAA in wherever they will be playing AAA when they try and trot him back out there.

It's garage sale season all around the country. Time to do some house cleaning and put the old, useless items out on the curb. Or in this case out to pasture.

While we are on the subject of out to pasture, it's time to put the Tampa Bay Rays out of their misery. When you are essentially a first place team and you draw less than 6000 fans for a home game, you do not deserve to have a team. Period. It's an embarrassment to the game of baseball.

There are literally dozens of cities in this country that would welcome an MLB franchise and would draw 5 times that many fans regularly. The same can be said about Miami which is a horrible sports city.

Get MLB out of Florida. It's a minor league, college and spring training state. Get the professional teams to cities where they will be appreciated and supported. When the Commissioner stops trying to figure out how to fix stuff that isn't broken (length of games, pace of play, etc) and trying to allegedly expand the brand of baseball to places like Europe, he should work on getting teams in cities that care.

Additionally, if the Commissioner truly wants to grow the brand for MLB, end the nonsensical blackout rules and allow people across THIS country to watch baseball. That's how you grow the brand Rob!

For example, if you live in a city without a major league team, no game should ever be blacked out. Ever. Rob Manfred isn't doing a very good job of marketing his product or his brand. Playing games in London and Tampa Bay isn’t the answer.

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