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The Red Sox are "Soxy." And that's not a good thing

Did you see the Sox-Yankees game Sunday night? That was just so “Soxy."

This is what they are known for this season. They win a big game to lull us into a false sense of security thus leading us to believe impending doom is not lurking.

Boston beat the Yankees. For the first time this season. It puts their record at 3-9 versus the Astros and Yanks. All three wins came at the last minute to wrap up a series.


The team plays like dog poop. They lose a couple of games then win the last one in the series, often heading into an off day. This leads fans to think they still have some fight and character left in them. Us media people try to put lipstick on the the pig and say things like “the Sox bounced back” or they “salvaged a big win heading into a much needed day off.”

Although I will say this was a BIG win. Lose and Boston would have been 10.5 out in the A.L. East in early June. Dead in the water.

Although it often gives me a knife wound level of pain, I need to credit David Price. Alex Cora and crew desperately needed the man who holds all the cards, to show his hand on prime time TV in the Bronx. And he did. He picked a good time to get his first win in Yankee Stadium as a member of the Sox!

For more Price love, this is from the excellent Rob Bradford at

Now that we're paying closer attention it's a worthwhile exercise to identify where Price is at after exactly 100 starts in this uniform. In his Red Sox career, the team is now 60-40 in his starts, with the lefty's overall ERA sitting at 3.66.

Of starters making at least 90 starts over this period Price's ERA is 15th-best, slightly better than Gerrit Cole and just shy of Trevor Bauer.

What he has done this year is placing him among the game's best thus far, totaling a 2.83 ERA in 10 starts. There hasn't been one out so far where things off come off the rails, with Price offering the image of the kind of consistency the Red Sox so desperately needs. It has also put Price firmly in the conversation for an All-Star berth.

For now, he represents exactly what this team needs.

Baseball experts often say that it’s fair to access a team at the end of May. Clearly this team has work to do. They are 8.5 games behind the Yankees and New York will be getting their stars back soon. Time for Boston to redefine “Soxy."

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