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Edelman extension extends the Pats dynasty

Last week Julian Edelman agreed to a 2-year extension that will make him a Patriot through 2021. Jules will turn 36 shortly after his current deal is up, so ostensibly, this extension makes him a Patriot for the rest of his career. For the rest of his life really. If you think that’s a leap, you just wait.

So much has been made of GM Bill’s reputation for parting ways with stars a year early rather than the alternative, that anytime a star takes the road seemingly less traveled and stays, it’s a little bit alarming. (That road is almost definitely Route 1, that’s the only way in or out of Foxborough but we’ll stick with the more “Frost-ian” narrative and just say “road”.)

I am on record as saying that 2019 was going to be the year that Tom Brady retired. It set up too perfectly in that his, as well as Gronkowski and Edelman’s contracts, all came due after the 2019 season. It was too tidy of a package and unthinkable that Brady would stay beyond his 2 favorite targets of the last decade.

It was just as unlikely that the Patriots would pay to retain said targets which was illustrated last off season when it was rumored that Belichick had Gronk traded to Detroit.

But then Gronk went and retired a year early. The neat and tidy plan for how this entire glorious era would conclude has been stripped of its beautiful packaging and was at risk of ending more disappointingly than Game of Thrones. (I’ve never seen the show, I’m just going off of people’s reactions on social media. That dragon show made people BIG MAD.)

The extension of Edelman has things back on track and I don’t think the duration of the deal is accidental at all. Tom Brady has held steadfastly that he was going to play until he was 45, and the vast majority of fans and pundits alike have refused to believe TB12. Brady will turn 43 in August, meaning that during the final season of Edelman’s new deal, 2021, Tom Brady will be 45 years old.

I now expect that Brady will sign on for two more years, either before the season or after (god I hope it doesn’t drag on through the season) and the Patriots will do something that HBO couldn’t: wrap up an epic saga successfully.

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