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You might be able to place sports bets in Maine by Labor Day

I’ve talked and written about this topic so much I bet you’re tired of hearing about it.

It’s legal sports betting here in Maine.

While I am still a bit ticked off it’s not here already, I’m wageringthat it will be coming. Very Soon. Maybe by Labor Day.

State Representative Scott Strom from Pittsfield is on the committee taking a look at this issue. He tells me via e mail that they had multiple bills introduced, but have narrowed it down to one, which they are seriously considering.

Mr. Strom says that committee seems to be onboard with allowing all gambling establishments in Maine the ability to offer sports gambling. We currently have a casino in Bangor and one in Oxford County.

The only part that is being debated is if online sites like Draft Kings and Fan Dual can operate here, or do they have to be tied to a brick and mortar establishment in the state?

He says it appears those out of state sites will be allowed to operate here without an actual physical location.

Representative Strom tole me there is a possibility of having sports betting in Maine in time for the fall football season.

Well. Done. I love it.

The state of Maine makes a mint on the lottery already. There’s no reason not to let local sports bettors play right here, and have our schools, roads and bridges benefit.

Its been almost exactly one year since the U.S. Supreme Court said states other than Nevada could accept legal sports bets.

According to ESPN, today eight states take bets and together have raked in more than 8 BILLION in wagers.

Three more have passed bills in the last week or so. By 2024 they estimate 70% of states will be taking bets.

But it now appears the odds are in favor of Maine being way ahead of that.

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