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A Sterling introduction

Since this is my first official column for the Chowdah, I might as well introduce myself and give you a hint of just what you’re dealing with.

(A quick aside, I don’t use my name as a superlative often, even though it is, I figured I’d use it this way once just to get it out of the way). I was born December 6, 1985 (fun fact, I was born during the ’86 Celtics only home loss.)

The following is what I believe as a sports fan, the basic fundamentals that are my make-up. Without further introduction, in the fashion of Crash Davis from Bull Durham, this is what I believe in.

I believe in hunches.

I believe that Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.

I believe in filling out one bracket each year and no more.

I believe the National League should adopt the designated hitter.

I believe in watching as much of the Olympics as you can and then forgetting about them after the closing ceremonies.

I believe in loyalty, even though at times you are rooting for laundry, that doesn’t mean you forget the good times you had with: Vince Wilfork, Ty Law, Nomar Garciaparra, Pedro Martinez, Antoine Walker, Kevin Millar, Richard Seymour and Curtis Martin.

I cried after the Sox loss in 2003, not their win in 2004.

I haven’t had a favorite baseball player since Mo Vaughn and probably never will.

I believe Bill Buckner should have been taken out before the bottom of the 10th inning in favor of Dave Stapleton.

I believe Darrell Johnson made the right call in leaving Bill Lee in to face Tony Perez in 1975, Lee made the mistake of throwing him the Eephus pitch.

I like Dave O’Brien but I will never understand why Don Orsillo had to leave.

I believe that if ever anybody was actually too good in sports, it was Red Auerbach.

Karma was what hurt the Celtics, it was the only thing that could stop Red and it’s the only explanation for the tragic deaths of Len Bias, Reggie Lewis and the premature demise of Larry Bird’s back.

I believe John Havlicek and Scottie Pippen are the two most underrated players in NBA history.

I believe David Stern rigged the 1985 NBA Draft Lottery so Patrick Ewing would be a Knick and they still didn’t win a title. (I’m saying he rigged it, I didn’t say he was good at it).

I believe that Pete Carroll was an agent working for Bill Parcells to destroy the Patriots. (I don’t know why I’m still so in the weeds with the Pete Carroll era in New England. I’m still bitter I guess.)

I believe that Eli Manning was in the clutches and the play that resulted in the helmet catch should have been blown dead before he threw the ball.

I believe the 2003 Fiesta Bowl (Ohio St beat Miami) is the most compelling college football game of all time. (Yes, I know that Texas v. USC was a better game, I stick by my original statement).

I believe that Tom Heinsohn took the mantle of “biggest homer” from Johnny Most and Scott Zolak will inherit it from Tommy.

I believe the greatest Super Bowl halftime show would be Guns N Roses.

I play golf almost every day once the courses open until they close each season. Tiger Woods at the 1997 Masters got me into the game.

As much as I admonish the lifestyles of figures like Doc Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Hollywood Henderson and Mike Tyson, I am much more likely to read a book about them than I would about John Wooden or Casey Stengel. The notorious are more compelling than the famous and I miss David Halberstam.

I take things more seriously if Jim Nantz is attending them. The cat fashion show that Veronica Corningstone covered when she joined the Channel 4 News Team in Anchormanwould have felt like a game 7 if Jim Nantz was on the call.

I could listen to Bill Walton lecture for a decade and wouldn’t get tired of it, even though it is a compilation of lists of people he knows and hazy stories of Grateful Dead concerts.

Bill Simmons is the most influential sports writer of the Internet Generation, but has completely lost what got him there.

Sports Center was better when it showed highlights more and Stephen A. Smith less.

I am the king of Seinfeld trivia. Ask Solari, I won a contest.

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