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Wow! The Celtics just wasted seven months of our lives

Wow. What an absolute and complete waste of seven months this past NBA season was for fans of the fraudulent Boston Celtics. Talk about a crash and burn.

This was supposed to be the year! After two seasons of losing in the conference finals the C’s were healthy and ready to roll.

“Trader” Danny built this team with an eye on the NBA Finals and perhaps hanging just the Celtics second banner since 1986.

But the end result was nothing even close. From wire to wire, this season was an epic failure that didn’t come close to meeting anyones expectations. This team accomplished literally nothing. Except perhaps to help Kyrie Irving firm up his image as a soft, self absorbed, sissy.

Let’s flash back to the summer 2018: Las Vegas thought the Celtics had a great shot of playing in the NBA Finals, placing the C’s squarely in the top four teams in the league.

Las Vegas issued a win total for Boston at 59. I took the over. I thought 62. I’m a sucker. Brad’s boys managed just 49 wins and a meek and meager fourth place finish. Against the superior Western Conference Boston stumbled to a 14-16 record. This team has very little to be proud of from this regular season. If I were the grading type, I’d say D-. But I’m in a good mood today.

Following the regular season we were all reminded by Kool Aid swallowing “Green Teamers” that on paper the C’s were still perhaps the best team in the East. Yup. I bought it. And this fool soon watched his money depart.

Granted Indiana was without their only real star, but the Celtics did dispatch of them fairly easily in a first round sweep. OK. I smell what Trader Danny is cooking.

Then Al Horford finally did something memorable, with his defense, and his team rolled the top seeded Bucks in game one of the semi finals. 5-0 in the playoffs! I guess anything is possible.

Then they never won, or barely even competed, again. In those final four losses Kyrie went 25-83 from the field. That’s just 30%. Ugly. It’s like his head wasn’t in it.

Meanwhile like a Greek God, “The Greek Freak” put the hammer down on the heartless and soulless Celtics night after night. Instead of just relying on jumpers and long threes, Milwaukee took it to the hoop with authority, revealing the Celtics were soft enough to be in a My Pillow radio ad.

So now its over. In a region accustomed to winning, this team had its highness expectations in a decade, and folded like a cheap lawn chair succumbing to the added winter weight of Uncle Wilbur.

The fans are not amused. Especially when there was talk of all four sports titles living in the same city for the first time ever. “The Boston Slam.” Granted that is a greedy stretch by us spoiled fans, but if the Bruins do raise the Stanley Cup in a few weeks, Lucky the Leprachuan better skip town for a bit.

What a waste of seven months.

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