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Chowdah readers have some good takes

Last week The Bam put forth the theory that sports talk radio ratings are low in Bangor because local sports fans may not be smart enough to listen and have educated opinions.

A response….

“No, Maine sports fans aren't dumb. THAT is actually the dumbest thing I've ever heard. The low ratings COULDN'T be simply that the TWO local sports shows we have just simply ARENT entertaining, could it?

Please... There is ZERO debate, nuance or 2019-type talk going on at ANY level on either show.

Are we really doing this? We're blaming the LISTENER…?"


David agrees with Solari on the miserable state of UMaine Hockey:

“Hey Jeff,

You are SO right on ALL Accounts regarding Maine Hockey.... in fact it resembles a

“ Dumpster Fire.” Charismatic, Well Spoken, Polite but Blunt.....look up these in the Dictionary and I DON’T think you will find Red Gendron’s Picture next to any of them.

3800 people in attendance, I guess we can put tarps over the upper seats ( like they do in Oakland for the Raider Games) to hide the lack of support for a mediocre product....

Now we are all subject to being a doormat in Hockey East.... Didn’t the AD say the program was headed in the “ right direction” two years ago when he gave Red an extension??? Right Direction ????

As you referenced, the Titanic!

Seriously, Look around, Maine Hockey has become a ship without a rudder.

Sorry Kids, your next coaching staffs will be much better.... someday.”


Solari and Brian Sullivan write farewell blogs to TimThrockmorton on his retirement after 39 years on WABI TV 5. This is from the man himself:

“Thanks for all the love Jeff. I’ll miss the gig but the people will always remain.

I’m wondering if I had been a hockey coach whether your words would be so glowing.” Tim

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