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The Sox stink like my kids hamster cages

Lets not put any fan boy, sugar coated, Fenway Faithful spin on this; April was the worst month we have seen from the Red Sox in a few years. At times this team was downright embarrassing. Dull media members who might hand out grades would have to give them a D- at best.

But it’s over. Just like the weather, this team will get better. Actually like our April weather, they can't be much worse.

The Red Sox have played 30 games through the end of April. They are a dismal 13-17 and sit in fourth place, seven games behind the feisty Tampa Rays.

Without laying out all the stats, lets just say the numbers are not pretty. In batting average, home runs, and total bases the Sox are in the lower third of the league. The -27 run differential is the second worst in baseball with only the Marlins getting outscored by more. You never, ever want to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Marlins.

The pitching has been no better. The Sox team ERA is an even 5.00. Only five teams have a more bloated number. Nathan Eovaldi, David Price and Chris Sale have combined for just one win. That belongs to Price. There’s sixty million dollars worth of starting pitching right there. Something is wrong with Sale, and Eovaldi isn’t due back from his surgery until June at the earliest.

The bottom line is during the first fifth of the season, the Sox stink worse than my daughter’s hamster cages when we forget to clean them for a few weeks.

But the World Series Champions have started to show some signs they just might care. They went 7-4 to finish the month including a sweep at Tampa. Aside from that one hot weekend in the dome, the Sox are just 3-10 away from Fenway. Not acceptable. But the good news is they have played 16 road games already including the 11 game road trip to start the year. The summer heat in Boston might just lead to some home cooking as the season rolls along.

Alex Cora will have to reignite his magic and Dave Dombrowski will have to make some moves if the Sox are to play in October. They will need a reliever, maybe a starter and probably a second baseman. Jackie Bradley Jr. will at least try to hit .200 or he might find himself elsewhere in his walk year.

The old school baseball people will tell you that after May, you know what you have in a team. I think that will ring pretty true this year with the Red Sox as well. I expect them to play slightly better than .500 baseball in May and be a couple games better in the standings. But as long as the trend is up, that’s ok. If May is like April, we may need to clean house, just like those hamster cages.

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