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Frankly, Maine Sports Fans are Pretty Pathetic

Recently Jeff Solari, our esteemed leader and Sports Chowdah founder, wrote a blog lamenting the low ratings of sports talk radio in the Bangor market. He pondered why this format is so popular in Boston but struggles around here.

I believe the answer is simply this: the "fans" in Eastern Maine don't really care and they are not as smart as they think they are regarding the regional and local teams.

Sure, they fly the flags, pack the bars for big games, and they wear the t-shirts. But mostly I surmise it's just so they can thump their chest and proclaim they are a "fan".

These frauds show up at a game and stare at their phones while wearing a team tee shirt. Yay. But really we have too many of these flag waving fans whose passion for their team should go beyond their wardrobe.

If folks, most but not all in the greater Bangor area, were really and truly passionate fans, then the University of Maine athletic teams wouldn't have such woeful attendance figures.

I contend the vast majority in the area don't really know much about the Sox, the Celts, Pats, Bruins or UMaine athletics beyond reading the scores and looking at the standings.

They are ready to jump on board for a big game because it is now a pop culture event to see and be seen at.

They aren't truly passionate enough to listen to radio to get insight as to what is actually happening in "local" sports. If they cared, or were really invested beyond a $20 hat, they would be tuned in and would share opinions.

The Red Sox are struggling. Boston radio is full of fans that have opinions on the matter. The Celtics were really struggling thru the middle of the season. People were upset. They called. They had opinions. They were tuned in and engaged.

Transversely, UMaine hockey has been average to just flat out bad for the better part of a decade now. The only thing the fans in Eastern Maine can muster up is “tickets are too expensive” and “fire Red.” Nothing more than that.

So essentially, I think the low ratings for Bangor sports talk radio can be directly linked to an overall low sports IQ of the average fan in the area. When it comes to the sports fan in Eastern Maine, as we like to say in the Midwest, they are all hat and no cattle.

-The Bam

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