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For local sports, the rain in Maine is a pain!

I feel wicked bad for anyone trying to do anything sports related outside in our state right now.

Two weeks into the high school baseball and softball seasons, there are many teams who have only been able to squeeze in one game between rain drops. There are a couple that have yet to play any games. And there’s only a month left in the regular season. Squeezing sixteen games in will be as much fun as dealing with a flooded basement.

It’s almost May and most golf courses could pass as swampland in south Florida. Rob Jarvis at Bangor Muni put out this humorous Facebook post Saturday:

“The Bangor Muni Duck Sanctuary has vacancies if you know of any Mallards looking. Great landlord and all utilities included. Geesh.”

The Portland Sea Dogs have had five games, basically half their home schedule, postponed already.

Anyone kayaking on local streams today better bring a parachute.

Didn’t that irritating rodent in Pennsylvania tell us it was going to be an early spring? That little vermin is as unreliable as the Red Sox pitching staff.

I just checked the data and this coming week it doesn’t look much better. A little less rain but high temps that will average 5-12 degrees below normal. Why is Mother Nature being such an old hag to us?

I know Gene Kelly liked dancing in the rain. Guess he could really bust a move on the streets around here.

I have heard about rain dances for years. Is there such thing as a sun dance? I checked and turns out there is a sundance. From Wikipedia:

“The sun dance is a ceremony practiced by some Indigenous people of United States of America and Canada. Individuals make personal sacrifices on behalf of the community.”

I am willing to make some serious sacrifices at this point. My 27 year old USM sweatshirt I still wear. My kids hamsters. I might even take a break from pizza, natures most perfect food, for a week or so. That’s how desperate I am for some decent spring weather.

They say into any life a little rain must fall. Well, it has. But this is freaking ridiculous. We deserve a break because it’s hard to play golf in LL Bean boots and baseball and softball in a yellow slicker.

But I suppose, rain is better than snow in late April. That’s what they received in the upper midwest this weekend. See, I can be glass half full. Even if it is half full of rain water.

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