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3 Most Intriguing  Patriots Picks

The "Unamed Source" is famous in media circles these days. This one in particular works in local sports media, but for any number of reasons, wants to stay anonymous.

Chase Winovich- LB- Michigan

This guy has already been tabbed as the next cult hero in Foxboro. If you’re not familiar, he looks like a crazier version of Clay Matthews (sick flow included) and has been described as “playing like he has zombie blood.” I’m not sure what that means, I’ve never even seen Walking Dead, but it feels like a good thing to have in linebacker.

This guy is going to be a lot of fun and could replace Gronk as the resident wild man, except where other teams and fans had to love Gronk, “Wino” is going to be waaayyyy more polarizing around the league.

N’Keal Harry- WR- Arizona St.

A lot of people were surprised by this pick, but the need at WR was definitely there, however it’s still startling to see Belichick take a receiver in the first round. Harry is big (almost 6’3 and all of 228lbs) and was compared to Dez Bryant, (I’m hoping they mean 2010-15 Dez Bryant not the shell that bombed out of the league in 2017.) I’ve always wished for a big-body-go-up-n-get-it type of receiver for Tom Brady.

I remember having a discussion in about 2013 about which elite receiver you’d love for Tom Brady to have and guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Julio Jones and AJ Green were easy picks, but I said Dez Bryant because of what he could do in the red zone and the physicality that he plays with.

If Harry can be that player, we might really have something that Brady hasn’t had aside from 2007 Randy Moss and a handful of games with Josh Gordon in 2018.

Jake Bailey- P- Stanford

5th round selection and NOT the first punter off the board. Here’s the rub with Bailey besides the fact that the Patriots drafted a punted in the 5th round when they just re-signed Ryan Allen earlier this off season, BAILEY IS RIGHT FOOTED!

So going into this draft we felt like we understood two things about Bill Belichick: He doesn’t draft receivers high, rather he prefers to draft athletes and then teach them to catch footballs. Secondly he loves left footed punters because the spin of the ball is different and thus a small wrinkle for other teams to deal with.

And now we have a big bodied WR in the first round and a punter who uses his right foot in the 5th. WE HAVE TWO PUNTERS!

Chess while others are playing checkers. Check and mate.

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