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Stop The Madness

Well another year of March Madness has come and gone and once again my bracket looked like Taylor Swift’s Bio…Tons of Exes!

I have been filling out brackets every March for the last 25 years and still can’t seem to figure out how to finish with a bracket that doesn’t have less names crossed out than President Trump’s Staff.

The last few years we have seen more and more lower se

eds that are advancing on the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament. Last year a No. 16 seed beat a No. 1 seed for the first time ever!!! To add to that, Virginia was the No. 1 seed that lost last year and came back this year and won the National Championship. That’s a greater comeback story than Eli Manning will write this year…RIGHT?!?! Anyone…..Bueller….Bueller…..

Some years I fill out mutiple brackets and some years I have a Bracket of Integrity (that’s only filling out one bracket FYI), but correctly picking more winners than losers is just as hard for me as it is for any one of the Kardashians. That won’t stop me though from continuing each year to try and right my wrongs and finally have a brag worthy bracket.

I am a Syracuse Homer so I have to pick them to advance to at least the Sweet Sixteen every year regardless of the matchup. Maybe that strategy backfires once in a while but it’s hard to go against your team, right Magic?

Regardless of how my brackets turn out I always enjoy the three weeks of March Madness. Basketball tipping off at noon and running all day is what Spring is all about. I say that as I wonder if I have to change my Fourth of July plans because my kids might still be in school.

I think Mother Nature stopped in to Happy Endings on her way home, had a couple Martinis and got a little tipsy before she continued on her way.

Oh well, things always have a way of working themselves out eventually…right? I mean, I was excited, even as a Yankees fan, to have Chris Sale on my Fantasy Baseball team this year. So far he has given me -5 Fantasy points. That has to turn around at some point, right? He did just get a nice little contract extension. Time to earn his keep.

I do feel bad though that the Red Sox, The defending World Series Champions, had to start the season on an eleven game road trip. Yeah, I feel about as bad for Aunt Becky being in trouble right now. The Sox will find a way to win, Mother Nature will straighten her act out and Tiger will win another Major this weekend. (I wrote this last week, I swear)

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