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Which Team Should Have to Watch the Pats Hang Banner #6?

The "Unamed Source" is famous in media circles these days. This one in particular works in local sports media, but for any number of reasons, wants to stay anonymous.

The NFL will release its schedule within the next two weeks. Roger Goodell has already chickened out and moved the Patriots opener to Sunday night instead of Thursday (as is tradition for the Super Bowl champs) so he doesn’t have to come to Gillette.

We know the Patriots will host: Cleveland, Dallas, New York (Giants AND Jets), Miami, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Kansas City. This is the 3 (or 4) teams that it would be the most fun to have on the field when “the circus comes to town.”

  • Pittsburgh. The Steelers don’t have Le’Veon Bell or Antonio Brown and they shouldn’t be even as good as they were last season (where they missed the playoffs) but for big picture this seems appropriate. Who better to watch the Patriots hang their 6th banner than the only other team who has 6 Super Bowls of their own? It’s the NFL’s 100th season, if either of these teams win the Super Bowl, you could say that they’d win the first 100 years of the National Football League. (At least The Source would…..if the Patriots do.)

  • Dallas. This would just be fun. Two historic franchises that only play each other every four years, open up with a bang! These openers are usually rematches of the conference championship games, sometimes the Super Bowl but if you’re going to break with the Thursday night tradition then really change it up. Dallas vs New England on opening night would be one of the hottest regular season tickets ever.

  • Either New York team. The Giants because of those two Super Bowls they stole from us, they need to see that we’ve moved on from those momentary setbacks to sit atop of the football world 3 more times since then and we don’t even think about Super Bowl 42 or how we could have gone undefeated or anything…..we’re fine.

The Jets should have to watch it because, how else are they going to get a primetime game? Also, I don’t think we’ve rubbed in the Jets face enough what Bill Belichick has done since he resigned as “HC of the NYJ”.

Why Not: Kansas City. Played them in primetime at home each of the last two seasons, let someone else have a shot at the champs.

Why Not: Cleveland. Who have they ever beat?

Why Not: Buffalo. Because the Bills would like inviting your cousin who lives year round in an ice fishing shanty to your wedding.

Why Not: Miami. Because I’m still salty about the Miami Miracle. Screw them, make them visit Foxborough in December.

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