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UMaine Hockey Fans Deserve Justice

If this were my case to present in court, I’d win in a landslide. The trial would be brief and the verdict delivered swiftly. The evidence is overwhelming and the numbers prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Judge Judy would laugh the other side right out of the court room.

The University of Maine is charged with running an unacceptably mediocre men’s hockey program. I argue that they are guilty and justice must be served.

They actually have been guilty of this sports crime for several years. And it’s the loyal Go Blue fans who have been punished and served the time.

I submit the yearly win-loss records as evidence so crystal clear that even the OJ jurors would get this one right.

2019: 15-17-4

2018: 18-16-4

2017: 11-21-4

2016: 8-24-6

2015: 14-22-3

2014: 18-15-4

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that is honest to goodness, middle of the pack, mediocrity.

No twenty win seasons. Only two seasons with a winning record in the last six years. Not one Hockey East finish higher than sixth place.

Is this the winning legacy Shawn Walsh built, Tim Whitehead largely sustained, and fans deserve? I think not.

I also submit as evidence the seven year drought of no NCAA tourney appearances for a program that formerly went literally went almost every year.

And I’ll enter in one more piece of evidence, just to close with a bit of Arnie Becker flair: The defendant has not even taken part in the Hockey East Frozen Four in Boston in seven years. Seven years! Not since President Obama’s first term. Not once. Not even close.

In case you forgot, Arnie Becker was Corbin Bernsen's character on LA Law which aired on NBC from 1986-1994. During this period the Black Bears went to the NCAA tourney seven times and won a national title.

Case closed. The gavel slams down. Guilty as charged.

But even after the verdict has been rendered, the question remains…will they continue to get away with it?

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