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What One Question Would YOU Ask Roger Clemens?

You may have heard that we are bringing Roger Clemens to Bangor Saturday. :)

Tim Throckmorton and I will be hosting the event. I’m not going to bluff you; I’m pretty darn fired up to spend ninety minutes on stage with the Rocket. He is one of the greatest pitchers in the more than 100 year history of Major League Baseball.

He’s very entertaining and often candid on stage and he will talk about almost any topic.


Let’s get it out there right now. He’s not flying from Houston to snowy Bangor, Maine to talk about alleged PED use or testifying in front of Congress. So, I’m not going to ask him about it. Tim isn’t. And you aren’t either.

So now that we have that elephant out of the room, what would you like to hear him discuss?

How about being the first pitcher to strike out 20 batters in a game? And of course he did it twice.

He should be in the Hall of Fame. Does he think he will be someday?

He threw the pitch near Manny Rameriz that started the brawl where Pedro tossed Zimmer to the ground.

When will his number be retired at Fenway?

He is playing lots of golf these days.

What’s it like to follow the careers of his two sons who are playing pro baseball.

Will he ever coach or manage someday?

He played for four teams. Which did he enjoy most?

Would he have even more strikeouts if he played today?

What did he really say to the umpire that got him tossed out of the 1990 playoff game in Oakland?

Did he really believe in the curse of the Bambino when he was in Boston after 1986?

See what I mean? So many topics. Shoot your question along to me in an email at

I just might ask the Rocket and I’ll say it came from you.

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