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Luke Combs, John Daly and Larry Bird Walk Into a Bar...

So I had never seen Luke Combs prior to this weekend. He was in concert in Bangor Friday night and my friends flooded Facebook with photos.

As he admits, he doesn’t look quite like the typical, attractive, country music star.

Let’s just say Luke would not play Luke on the Dukes of Hazzard. He could play Cooter.

If you got paired in a foursome with Combs and he told you he was a country megastar, you would not trust a score he gave you on any hole all day long.

But we should not stereotype.

Let’s look at some other athletes who, if you met them at a party and they told you what they did, you’d spit your drink out on them in disbelief.

Spud Webb: An NBA dunk champion? At 5’7”? Yea, right! His vertical leap was impressive and he scored more than 8000 points in his career! He also averaged five assists and get this, more than two rebounds per contest.

John Daly: He smokes a pack of cigarettes and downs a six pack of beer. And that’s just the front nine. The big guy won some tournaments, made some money and as you recall, can crush a golf ball.

Cindy Blodgett: She was wicked skinny and had arms so thin, you would not have thought she could lift a basketball let along launch it with such precision from 20 plus feet out. Did I mention she holds Maine high school scoring records and the most points in UMaine history?

Randy Johnson: More than 300 wins and almost 5000 strikeouts. But at 6 10 and 220 pounds or so, you might believe he was a backup center for the Wizards, but not one of the best lefties of all time.

Larry Bird: he sported one of the worst mustaches in history. This blond curly locks. The Midwestern accent coming from his mouth while he was often wearing a hat and holding a beer. He looks like a guy pumping gas in a small dusty town, not an NBA legend.

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