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Patriots Free Agency Series:

Part I

The new NFL league year starts at 4pm on March 13th, but teams can start negotiating on March 11th (aka when deals will start to be announced like “Malcolm Butler intends to sign with the Tennessee Titans.)

They can’t sign the new deal until the old deal has expired which it technically does at 4pm on March 13th.

With that in mind, in the bowls of Chowdah leading up to this period, I will preview the Patriots internal free agents with the odds of them returning to New England.

Stephen Gostowski 3 to 1 he returns

Many Pats fans are ready to move on from the team’s all-time leading scorer but the question becomes, move on to what? What better options are there? After watching two kickers since the year Bill Clinton started his second term, do you think it’ll be easier to watch some kid from the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles in 2019?

Forget about beating the bushes and going with retreads that most GMs have on their speed dial in case of emergency. Gostowski was shaky at times this past year, but there is certainly something to be said for continuity. Plus, it seems like kickers don’t normally (Vinatieri aside) sign big deals elsewhere, they’re throwbacks in the sense that they only leave by being cut.

Phillip Dorsett 12 to 1 he returns

Dorsett’s a really interesting case, did you know he didn’t drop a pass after September 30th? Brady obviously trusts him, as exemplified by his two playoff touch downs to cap crucial red zone drives. (Okay, maybe the one against the Chargers wasn’t CRUCIAL.) I think there will be a market for Dorsett certainly as a young player with great speed and his Foxboro-forged pedigree.

Trent Brown 100 to 1 he returns.

This one I am most confident in predicting: Brown is gone. Brown was a project in 2018, one that Dante Scarnecchia brought to the science fair and took home the blue ribbon (or whatever they give out at science fairs for winning.)

Brown finally realized the talent that he never found previously in San Fran. The biggest player in the league came up huge for the Champs at left tackle, but with the kind of deal that Nate Solder got last season from the Giants, I highly doubt that with 2018 first-round pick Isaiah Wynn set to return this season from injury, that Bill Belichick will pay Brown what other teams invariably will.

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