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Machado is Worth Every Penny

Fourth and Goal With The Bam!

Baseball is upon us once again!!! The national media, unfortunately, still has the same talking points they have had since the World Series ended. Where in the world will Bryce Harper and Manny Machado sign? And more importantly, for how much cash? Half of that was answered last week when Machado signed in San Diego for $300 million over 10 years.

Harper will probably sign this week, likely with Philadelphia and possibly for slightly more Benjamins. And there is no problem with that.

More and more we hear from fans that these salaries are ridiculous and that no player is worth that much money. Well, to teams that sign these players, they are more than worth it.

Does anyone actually believe that Manny Machado isn't going to be worth at least $30 million extra dollars to San Diego this year? Next year? Ticket sales will increase which means concessions increase. Parking revenue too. 25,000 fans at a Padres game suddenly becomes 32,000 fans at a Padres game almost nightly. Ads at the ballpark get more expensive. TV and Radio contracts too.

And maybe that investment will lead to signing a few more players and making the Padres relevant.

The Padres team store started selling Machado jersey's even before he passed his physical. No real major league baseball team is losing actual money no matter what the accountants are paid to say. The Padres and soon the Phillies certainly won't be losing any money with these two huge free agent signings. In fact Philly has a good shot win it all!

I will be doing my part to ensure the Padres financial success in April by going and watching their new investment up close and personal. Stop bellyaching about player salaries. Just rejoice that baseball is back and enjoy the games!

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