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The "Unamed Source" is famous in media circles these days. This one in particular works in local sports media, but for any number of reasons, wants to stay anonymous.

Robert Kraft. What's Next?

(Disclaimer, this was written Sunday afternoon, if startling revelations emerge after this writing and before it’s posting, they were not taken into account.)

There a wide range of how this will play out.

The Source has run the gamut of opinions on this latest Patriots scandal. The initial headlines made it sound like the owner of the team was the kingpin of a prostitution ring throughout the state of Florida. The second thought was, is this really a big deal or is it a momentary embarrassment because Kraft visited a rub n’ tug? Knowing that this story is the outcome of a long running human trafficking investigation, the ramifications and outcomes are almost endless. But then again, this isn’t only a legal issue.

Roger Goodell is licking his chops.

The greatest rivalry in sports is the New England Patriots vs Roger Goodell. The last 4 years has seen the Patriots do battle with the commissioner endlessly, while also playing on football’s biggest stage 4 of 5 years and for Goodell to hand Kraft the Lombardi trophy 3 times. During Deflategate was there still hard feelings over Spygate? Now the question becomes after all of the bad blood and clown towels that have become a cottage industry, are there hard feelings between the Pats and the commissioner?

Colts owner Jim Irsay was famously suspended for 6-games and fined $500k for his drug arrest in 2014. At the moment, Kraft’s infraction doesn’t seem on the same level, but the punishment that Kraft will invariably receive will be fascinating to watch. Laborious, but fascinating. You may think it’s no big deal if an owner is suspended for a game, so what, we won’t get to see Kraft’s blue shirt/white collar/pink tie combination. But consider this, if Kraft is suspended for one game, that’d be the season opener where the Patriots would unfurl their 6th championship banner and Kraft wouldn’t be allowed to be there.

Kraft finally has his scandal. Belichick owns Spygate. Brady had Deflategate and now Kraft has Tailgate. Or the Tug Rule as some are referring to it. Hell, Julian Edelman even has a PED suspension. Nobody goes through the NFL unscathed. Could it be true that during this dynastic Patriots run that Rob Gronkowski is the most famous Patriot without a major scandal?

What a world we live it.

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