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3 Reasons to Sign Craig Kimbrel NOW

Tom Werner said on Monday that “it is extremely unlikely that the Red Sox would re-sign Craig Kimbrel.” Here is why that’s insane.

You don’t have a replacement. The rumored thinking is that Matt Barnes or Ryan Brasier could step into the closers role. What? Barnes has been Jekyll and Hyde during his entire Sox career and just over a year ago Brasier was pitching for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp. Could either be the closer? Perhaps in theory but I’ve long said you can tell what kind of outing Barnes is going to have after his first batter.

I’ve seen few relievers who at times so clearly just don’t have it, that being said he is capable of being completely dominant but not on as consistent of a basis as you’d like from your closer.

If Barnes or Brasier becomes the closer, who replaces them? The Red Sox bullpen is thin and apparently getting thinner. Kelly is gone and assuming Kimbrel departs, that leaves you with the following relief pitchers on the roster: Barnes, Brasier, Workman, Hembree, Velazquez, Poyner, Thornburg, Brian Johnson and Steven Wright. Holy cow is that dirty bucket of Mr. Clean’s worth of mop up duty.

Imagine having a 1-run lead and needing to pull your starter after 6 innings and your choices for the 7th inning are Brandon Workman or he of the slimy-Kruk-mullet Heath Hembree? YIKES.

Craig Kimbrel is really freaking good. Kimbrel had a seemingly down year in 2018 and all he did was notch 42 saves, a 5-1 record with a paltry 2.74ERA. Yes he gave out heart attacks like communion wafers at mass during the playoffs, but it can’t be argued that to this point in his career, Kimbrel is one of the 5 best closers in baseball history.

Kimbrel fills a role that the Red Sox don’t have and he is available for the taking. It’s just money, the Red Sox spent $85 million in luxury tax last season while winning the World Series. Wasn’t it worth it?

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