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Pats Fans Don't Need No Stinkin' New Pro Football League

The new Alliance of American Football (AAF) kicked off Saturday. While social media is giving the product some love, I can guaran-damn-tee you nobody in the six state area known as New England cares.

Well, at least not Patriots fans. After dining on lobster with the Pats, theres no appetite to munch on sea urchins with the AAF.

The first game was broadcast on CBS. I have not looked this up but while the games did ok ratings nationally, I’m sure the Puppy Bowl had better numbers around here. Not even kidding.

As Pats fans we have all of the football we need for usually 19 games each season. If we want to see a bunch of borderline players running around on the field we can just check out the rest of the AFC East.

Here are the AAF's inaugural eight franchises:

  • Arizona Hotshots

  • Atlanta Legends

  • Birmingham Iron

  • Memphis Express

  • Orlando Apollos

  • Salt Lake Stallions

  • San Antonio Commanders

  • San Diego Fleet

This league might very well pick up some fans in cities where there are no real NFL teams like Memphis, Orlando, and Arizona. By this standard maybe New York and Pittsburgh should get teams too.

The decision to put teams in San Diego and Atlanta is interesting.

Fans in San Diego are still sore at the Chargers leaving while Atlanta has the worst sports fans in the country and I’m sure they don’t need another team to not support.

There are few notable players and the league does feature some coaches who couldn’t make it in the NFL like Rick Neuheisel, Mike Singletary and Steve Spurrier. This seems like a good next gig for Rex Ryan.

The AAF will be followed soon by the reborn XFL. Yawn. The NFL and college football are massively popular in this country. The nited staStes does not need more football.

Especially here in the land of lobster and he Super Bowl Champion Patriots.

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