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They Are Indeed "Still Here"

So here we are. The first Monday in February, or what is more consistently called the day after the Patriots 19th scheduled game of the season. Kind of surreal for me watching last nights game to be honest. Having been blessed to be on the field when this whole thing started on February 3, 2002 against the Rams, there was no way I could know or anybody else for that matter, what kind of an unprecedented, historic run had just gotten started.

I remember as clear as day, rushing onto the field as soon as Adam Vinatieri’s field goal went through the uprights, confetti falling, and the first two people I came into contact with, were Ty Law, and Lawyer Malloy. They were obviously happy, but at the same time that edge of anger, the “us against the world” mentality that that team had, when nobody gave them a chance to win, was still present even in victory.

This year‘s team had a lot of that. The Pats were written off multiple times throughout the season for multiple reasons. And yet here we are, basking in the glow of another title.

I don’t care if you like this franchise or not. Maybe you root for them. Maybe you are against them. It doesn’t matter.

It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again: there will unequivocally never again be anything like what we are seeing right now. In a sport with a salary cap, where everybody plays by the same rules, has the same resources, for almost 2 full decades, one team has been better than every single one of the others.

There will be changes this off-season. Always are. Some players and coaches will leave, some others will come. Some may retire. But if you don’t think there’s something special about a group of guys, with a fairly high average age, winning another championship in a league full of young rising stars, it’s unfortunate. Because you’re missing out on something that demands appreciation.

They’re still here.

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