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Jeff's Take on Super Bowl XLIII

The Patriots just won their 6th Super Bowl! Since I have no shot at sleeping any time soon, I think I will bang out a few post game “takes” about our World Champion New England Patriots and Super Bowl XLIII.

Next to the win over the Rams 17 years ago, this was the most surprising big game win. As I look back to the off season drama and the 2-2 start, I was sure the Pats would not be in this spot. Too much drama. Too few weapons. Slow defense. Behind the scenes issues. I am shocked and awed that they are the champions.

The "tomato can” talk does not apply to this postseason. What a gauntlet!New England had to beat a twelve win Chargers team; take out the high scoring #1 seeded Chiefs IN Kansas City while containing MVP Pat Mahomes; and shut down a Rams team that was stacked and the favorite to win it all from the preseason. Impressive three game run.

It’s the ultimate irony that in a league that is all about offense, the title game was a defensive battle, and resulted in the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever. In 2019!

Maroon 5 was OK. But as for the other guys, if you are a performer and you don’t have one single song you can perform that doesn’t need to be censored multiple times, you don’t deserve an invitation to perform at halftime.

Julian Edelman is clearly the right MVP choice. Sony Michel was impressive and Stephon Gilmore was a stud on D. Dontae’ Hightower too. But my real number two vote for MVP was punter Ryan Allen. Special team play was wicked impressive in this game. Allen never punted in the loss to Philly. He made up for it last night.

Speaking of Edelman, remember he lost all last season to a devastating knee injury, and he was suspended of the first four games this year. Amazing comeback story. Once he came back the Pats went 12-3.

The Jason Bateman Hyundai ad was pretty funny. The Bowl Haircut ad made me laugh. Steve Carell Pepsi ad was clever. I’m no fan of Wal-mart but I really did enjoy the famous TV cars ad. Man I miss Knight Rider.

There is zero chance Tom Brady retires. I do think there is a small chance Bill Belichick retires. I sensed a little something different in his post game interview last night. I’m probably wrong, but I just have a little hunch.

I’m not so sure about Gronk. Smart money says he has played his last game but we might be surprised.

It is extremely rare to win the Super Bowl the year after losing it. The last team to do it was the 1972 Miami Dolphins. The Rams will have a real shot at doing it next year.

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