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This Is The Most Remarkable Patriots Season Ever

Looking back from the end of the last Superbowl, to today, this just might be the most impressive Patriots season (year) of all time. Not the best season. We had 16-0. Not the most surprising season. That was the 11-5 year of 2001-2002 resulting in the first Super Bowl win. But if you look at the big picture of every development from the past 11 1/2 months, this is stunning and a truly remarkable season. Here we go: Pats lose Superbowl. Butler controversy. Brady and players are ticked. Gronk talks about retiring. Will he act? Join the WWE? Butler leaves. Amendola, Lewis and Solder too. Pats players break code and take to social media to congratulate them and to be "free." Pats trade Cooks. McDaniels goes to indy. McDaniels doesn’t go Indy. Matt Patrica goes to Detroit. Bill tries to trade Gronk. Brady says you trade him "I quit". Brady doesn’t show up for voluntary off season workouts for the first time ever. Edelman is suspended four games. The Pats make literally more than two dozen roster moves involving wide receivers. First round pick Isaiah Winn, the guy drafted to protect a 41 year old QB, gets hurt and never plays. Oh, yes the QB is the OLDEST non kicker in the league. The schedule is tough with the NFC north on it and of course all division winners since the Pats won the AFC east again last year. They start 2-2. There's talk of a rift in the locker room. They sign problematic Josh Gordon who has barely played in 5 seasons. He plays 11 games then the league boots him. Again. Gronk becomes a blocking tight end. Chris Hogan doesn’t get looked at by Brady even when he’s open. He doesn’t even sit with the offense on the bench at the end of one game. They go 8-0 at home in regular season. Only team to do so. They are 3-5 on road including losing home field in the playoffs due to the miracle in Miami. They whoop a very good Chargers team in the divisional round, making it 8 straight trips to the AFC championship. Brady is an underdog for the first time in four seasons. They win a classic title game. In OT of course. It's their first road playoff win since George W. Bush was in office. Now to the Super Bowl for the third straight time and fourth time in five years making everyone in America mad as hell. And now they play the Rams. The team they took out in Super Bowl 32 too start this dynasty. It is already the most remarkable season. No other team would persevere through this. Most teams cant make the playoffs in back to back years, or more than a few times every decade. Looking at you Jacksonville. This is all just truly remarkable.

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