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Don't Judge Maine Men's Hoops Just By The Record

Let me start by giving some much deserved love to those of you have supported University of Maine mens basketball through the years. Let’s be honest: With a few exceptions, this program has largely stunk. We are talking roadkill skunk stink. Your loyalty is about to be rewarded. For everyone else, this is your chance to get on board early, and not be a bandwagon jumper later. Trust me- long suffering fans always enjoy winning much more. For example, those of us who suffered with Patriots for years and years truly appreciate today’s success more than anyone under the age of 25 or so. Those people were born with a Lombardi trophy in their crib but somehow think they won it. Or worse, those bums who dumped their team to ride the Pats wave. Bunch of phonies. I don’t know how they sleep at night. Maine mens basketball is already better under first year coach Richard Barron. Don’t judge only by the 3-17 record. There have been fewer games where the Black Bears were not competitive. They have played a couple of over time games and two double OT games as well. The schedule is tough. The Black Bears have played 13 road games and only 7 home games so far. But they have battled through it this year and bonded. In a few years they will compete for the conference title and they will make the schools first trip to the NCAA Tourney. Count on it. But don’t wait till then. Come to the games now. Bring your kids. Let them meet the players. Follow the team on twitter. Become invested. Coach Barron has rebuilt every program he has ever coached. He will do the same this time. And you’ll appreciate the success more if you pay your dues now.

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