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The "Unamed Source" is famous in media circles these days. This one in particular works in local sports media, but for any number of reasons, wants to stay anonymous. Last 3 thoughts from the AFC Championship and BONUS First 3 thoughts about Super Bowl LIII Was this the Patriots greatest non-Super Bowl win? I hate afterglow hyperbole, but in the light of day this one is certainly in the conversation. I’ll still go with the “Snow Game”’ against the Raiders as the greatest because it was the moment that launched the dynasty but Chiefs/Patriots feels improbable in this moment. The Patriots played the game they needed to and it very easily could have fallen short. To beat KC in Arrowhead the Patriots were going to have to control the clock, run the ball and come away with touchdowns. The Patriots, 1-yardline interception aside, couldn’t have played a more perfect first half. 14-point halftime lead and somehow held the mighty Chiefs offense to 0. Last week the Patriots beat the Chargers by keeping the ball for over 38 minutes, vs KC the Patriots won the time of possession battle 43:59 to 20:53 including overtime. Amazing. Tom Brady has played 17 seasons and will have ended 9 of them in the Super Bowl. What more needs to be said? BONUS The coaching match up will be the most overdone storyline. Sean McVay vs Bill Belichick. This is an easy one for hot take artists and pundits across the country. Could there be two more different head coaches in a football game? McVay will turn 33-years old this week, Bill Belichick will turn 67 in April. McVay is coaching in his first Super Bowl, Belichick in his 12th as a coach and 9th as head coach. McVay is LA-style, hair gel and manicured beard. Belichick might wear a winter hat inside the dome with at least three articles of his clothing being worn inside out. Media day should be a blast. The best player in the NFL vs the best player in NFL history. Tom Brady a year ago was the best player in the league, but Aaron Donald now wears the crown. The head to head match up will be fascinating because Donald lines up in the middle of the defense right over the center, and what impact that has on Tom Brady could tell the story of this game. Karma is NOT on the Rams side. Los Angeles shouldn’t be here. The pass interference non-call on 3rd & 6, cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. Nickell Robey-Coleman admitted that he was beat on the play and just reacted. These things have a way of evening themselves out, at least that’s what I’m telling myself two weeks before Super Bowl LIII. Let’s go, one more time!

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