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Fourth and Goal With The Bam!

Happy New Year!

I was fortunate enough to close out 2018 by attending two college football bowl games; The Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. The AF Bowl was a total blowout, but the atmosphere and experience was top notch. Great attendance and fan support for both teams, Army and Houston.

The Sugar Bowl was on a whole different level. My beloved Texas Longhorns were seeking to validate their resurrection against the mighty (in their opinion) Georgia Bulldogs.

From the pregame hospitality party, to Texas thoroughly dominating Georgia, to the pseudo victory march through New Orleans after the game, it was all unbelievable! Texas fans marching back to the hotels with people on balconies of bars and hotels cheering along with us. That experience will be tough to top. The 13 hour drive home, thanks to the weather, will be easy to top. All airplanes all the time from now on.

If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of these bowl games, I highly encourage it. The fan interaction and the pregame festivities surrounding the games are all worth your time and effort.

As for local college football, best of luck to new UMaine Coach Charlton and the Black Bears in 2019. Last season was amazing! Let's keep building!

I have complete faith in Coach Barron and the Men's basketball team to eventually get that program trending in the right direction. It will take some time. I am willing to be patient and all you fans should be as well.

Coach Vachon has the women on an elite level and they will be the source of much celebration in 2019.

Coach Nick Derba will have the baseball team performing at a high level as well. A very , very tough non conference schedule, highlighted by trips to Florida St and Mississippi St, should help set them up for great success in the America East season in 2019.

Coach Coutts has once again peppered his softball team's spring non conference schedule with quality opponents. A return to the NCAA tournament for his group should be imminent. A lot to be excited about to start the new year!

for some Umaine programs (cough, hockey) let's hope 2019 is significantly better year.

So here's to a Happy " Blue" Year to all. Get out there and support these Maine programs. The players and coaches deserve your support.

My one and only New Year's resolution for 2019 is to be less nice. So everyone is now officially on notice. The gloves will come off much quicker in 2019.

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