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3 Things Patriots fans should be rooting for during the bye week

The sky is falling, the Patriots aren’t good anymore, Brady is done, Gronk is going to retire, Belichick resents Kraft, BOOHOO! 9 first round byes in a row!

To quote 2018’s Man of the Year, Alex Cora: “Suck on it.”

No Patriots football next week? There’s still some things to root for.

We want the Texans to win.

I know what you’re saying, “Source, why would we want to play the #3 seed?” I’ll tell you why, because this is about making things as difficult on the Chiefs as possible and if that means playing Houston at home in the divisional round again then so be it.

If Houston takes care of business and eliminates the #6 seed, then either #4 Baltimore or #5 Los Angeles will travel to Arrowhead and remember that within the last month the Chargers have won in KC and the Ravens lost in OT there. If either can knock out the Chiefs, the Patriots would host the AFC title game, presuming of course that they beat the Texans.

We need the Steelers to lose.

Wait, the Steelers didn’t get into the tournament? Are you sure? Oh, they had a tie this season? That’s too bad.

(Did you know that of the 4 teams this season involved in a tie, none of them made the postseason? Vikings, Packers, Steelers and Browns. That’s a Source original stat.)

I really don’t want Nick Foles hanging around anymore.

Hear me out. I don’t want to think too far ahead, but I would just feel more comfortable if the Eagles were out of the playoffs, that’s all. I don’t think Nick Foles has any “special” powers or anything but I think I speak for all New Englanders when I say that I feel like I’d sleep better knowing Foles isn’t lurking around.

(Thought that I had this week: what if the Patriots could sign Nick Foles to become Brady’s heir apparent? His contract is up after this season when Carson Wentz should be ready to go. As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat him and nobody else can either, pay him a lot of money to join your team.)

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