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The 12 Days of Christmas - Just For Chowdah Readers

Bah Humb…..

Well, it happened again. Just like last year. And every year before that. The Holiday Season has crept up on me again and I, per usual, am ill prepared.

Why do I do this to myself every year? As of the time I am typing this I havent bought one present yet. Not one. Heck I don’t even have a clue as to what I am going to get ANYONE in my life.

Now I would never call myself miserly, but I’m about three gift-giving holidays away from turning in to a ripe Old’ Curmudgeon. I love the actual Day of Christmas. I thoroughly emjoying watching peeople open presents, hanging out and catching up with family and just having the general sense of “Ahhhhh”.

But maaaaan all the hub bub and chaos that leads up to that magical day, I could do without all of that. I’d rather be Shaq’s free throw Coach. I would rather be Weber St. Heck I would rather go 91 seconds with Iron Mike than go through another season of playing Will They Like This Gift?!?!?

Yes, Yes, Yes it is my fault. Nonetheless, I am a heathen to deal with regardless of who made this horrid situation. I am a busy person who’s heart is constantly being ripped out and put back in weekly by his beloved New York Football Giants. They decided to start winning when it doesn’t really matter yet somehow we are still mathemtically alive and COULD make the Playoffs (PLAYOFFS?!?!). The equation for that happening would fill up a whole other blog. Let’s move on.

I know it’s lame but I feel I am going to turn in to That Guy that gives presents in the form of Gift Cards and Cash. If I ask people what they want they either say “whatever”, “you decide” or “nothing”. NONE OF THAT HELPS!!!

What is more universal and widely accepted and loved than Gift Cards and Cash??? NOTHING!!! Maybe it isn’t as personal as people like gifts to be but I want people to have what they want/need rather than me make that choice for them. I love my Mom but just a few years ago she bought me a TOM TOM Navigation System. TOM TOM. Even after being told not to. I had an iPhone. It has a Map App for EVERYWHERE in the WORLD!!! Still on Christmas Day I opened a a brand new Navgation System. Thanks Mom.

Now with all the negativity I want to say I am by no means a Grinch. There is alot of good in life too.

UMaine Football has had a season that is One for the Ages!

Both Fantasy Football and Real Football are getting close to playoff time.

NHL and NBA seasons are well under way. Hot Stove is right around the corner. Rem Dawg and The Rocket will each make an appearance in Bangor over the next couple months.

It’s a nice little time of year. Now if we can just find a way to get rid of all the commotion leading up to it, that would be nice. Until then, I am setting TOM TOM coordinates to LA LA Land….

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