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Patience is a Virtue: Seldom Found During The Holidays or With Celtics Fans.

Any family traditions for your crew this time of year? Our youngest son, along with his Mrs. and two young daughters, leads us on a yearly excursion to hunt for, and…..eventually……chop down a fresh Christmas tree.

Sounds like a fun, fresh-air, family quality kind of thing, right? That’s very true, at least for the first hour. You see, our son is quite picky about which tree he will claim for his living room.

Let me restate that a bit, our son is insanely finicky and waaaaaaay to judgmental when it comes to fir tree selection.

Sure, initially it’s great fun to frolic around the Christmas Tree farm with a preschooler on my back, with the 3rd grader chanting Christmas carols in frosty (make that frigid) December air. But after an hour of spying, speculating and otherwise rejecting the latest sap-filled fir, the magic of the season begins to wane.

At this point, I begin offering fatherly advice which goes something like this: “You know son, there’s really no such thing as a perfect Christmas tree; in fact, if you just turn that bare part of the tree toward the corner of your living room next to the dog kennel, nobody will even notice!”

These words always fall on deaf ears, sadly, before we continue what has become a desperate search as the Christmas tree farm owners consider sending out a search crew for that Orono family that showed-up 4 hours ago.

Despite our desire for such, there really is no such thing as a perfect NBA team. We wish for this to be true of the Celtics of course. They kind of seemed perfect at times last year, likely due to exceeded expectations.

And based on their surprising success last year, we were ready to cheer for a perfect Celtics team in ’18-’19. But alas, they haven’t been perfect, have they?

Here’s the thing though, if you prop-up the C’s in just the right way, people won’t even notice their bare spots. In fact, they’re looking better all the time, aren’t they?

Certainly better than they did in November, and certainly better than the spindly Christmas tree propped-up in our living room this year.

Sometimes it’s worth it to be patient when on the hunt for a Christmas Tree. Patience is always a good idea for Celtics fans too. Merry Christmas, and go Celtics!

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