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High School Refs Know More Than You. Trust Me.

Basketball season is back. Over the last four weeks, high school basketball teams across the state have been getting ready for a run at the playoffs. By now, many teams have played two or three games and hopefully, they are seeing some progress.

It’s no secret that I love basketball, particularly high school and college ball. On Tuesday night, I had the chance to just sit and watch the Foxcroft/MDI Boys game, a home game for me. I normally have some sort of “official” duty on game nights, but for this one, I just ran the live stream camera.

It also meant I got to sit on the bleachers where the fans sit, and of course, “fans” is short for fanatics. Now I know why I love wearing a headset, because it drowns out the myriad of nonsense that comes from the bleachers.

Here are a few buzzwords and phrases I heard over and over. “Ref, that’s a travel”, “come on, call it both ways”, and my favorite, “three seconds!”.

Let’s chat for a moment. Like with everything in life, there are good officials and for lack of better terms, there are bad officials. But even the worst official you may encounter, probably has forgotten more about the rules of basketball then you will ever know. They may not have a feel for the game, but they want to do a good job.

So with that said, did you know that every time the ball is shot at the hoop, a new three second count begins? Bet you didn’t.

Did you know the ball can hit the top of the backboard, and as long as it doesn’t go over the backside of the backboard, or hit a wire holding up the hoop, it’s NOT out of bounds? Nope, didn’t know that either.

Did you know that you can pick up your pivot foot, and as long as you don’t put it back on the ground before you do something with the ball, it’s NOT a travel? Not a chance you knew that one.

There are so many more rules we could talk about, but the fact is, you won’t remember, and you don’t care to know the facts because an informed fan is a quiet fan.

Just remember this, no matter how loud you scream or how much of an idiot you sound like, I’ve still yet to see an official change their call because you convinced them to do so. Better yet, why don’t you go grab a whistle and volunteer for a local youth league or recreation department. They’d love the help and then you would realize how not so easy the job is.

Enjoy the start of basketball season and have a great holiday season.

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