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Faith Rewarded for Maine Football Fans

People tend to do what is easy. When they come to a fork in the road that take the path of least resistance. Staples knows that people really like things easy. They even invented a damn “That was easy” button.

Historically there has been no “easy” button for fans of University of Maine football.

Being a true blue, loyal follower of the Black Bears has been a true test of faith.

So have mercy do I feel good for the diehard UMaine fans following the 23-18 win over Weber State Friday night.

I don’t mean the casual fans. Sure, you can be happy and proud today of this remarkable team. No problem there. Everyone should bask in the glow of a national semifinal berth.

But I just smile thinking how thrilled the true friends of Maine Black Bear football are today. The folks who have had season tickets for years, if not decades. The ones who have been tailgating in often miserably cold conditions year after year. The fans who live out of state but watch the games on line. They have a legit right to go bananas.

I am happy for you all who have sat countless hours on metal bleachers, in the shade on the home side of Alfond Stadium. In the wind. To watch a team that for years has been as likely to finish below .500 as above.

The ones who have paid the money to have good seats or even skyboxes year after year. My friends who get on the charter flights to travel with the team on the road.

The fans that bleed blue do these things very year.

So today I not only feel exceptionally good for the players and the coaches on what head coach Joe Harasymiak calls “The best team in University of Maine football history.”

I feel elated for the most ardent fans. If Maine football was a credit card you’d be cashing in a million loyalty points today.

They had faith that this day would come. Those fans are living proof that faith makes anything possible. But certainly not easy.

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