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Gordon Hayward Would Like to Re-Introduce Himself

The Celtics offense has undergone a serious rejuvenation since their dismal stretch that started about two weeks ago.

They set their season-high in points two games in a row against New Orleans (124) and Cleveland (128). They’re playing with more pace, and getting back to the threes-and-layups style that best suits their personnel. In the last three games, they’ve jumped from 23rd to 19th in overall pace of play, and, FINALLY cracked the top-20 in offensive rating.

The rest of this blog is a personal thank-you note to Gordon Hayward, whom I know for a fact reads all of the stuff I write. I saw in an article by Tom Westerholm of MassLive that Marcus Smart got Gordon all sorts of riled up in practice this week. It worked!

After the 30p/9r/8a outburst on Saturday, Morris told the media that Smart was fouling Hayward so often and so hard that “he just got red at one point”

I did not know it was possible for Gordon Hayward to be visibly upset (unless he just found out on video that he’s having his third girl.) But if there’s someone to bring that anger out, Smart will do it. Heyward shot 50% from the field against Minnesota and was clearly the main distributor and scorer on the second unit. He makes everyone around him, especially Terry Rozier, a better player on offense.

Against the Cavs, he had 14p/4a/4r on 6-9 from the field. Whatever it was that Marcus was doing to get under Gordon’s skin, it essentially completed his rehab process because he is attacking the rim with so much more force now than he had up until this week.

The Gordon Hayward comeback is complete. And you know what’s funny? It’s only up from here. He’s only getting closer to his former self.

Go Celtics.

P.S. Can we please get some minutes from Robert Williams? Every time he plays he has at least one highlight-reel block. The dude legit plays volleyball out there.

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