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Abnormal is Normal in Maine Weather and Sports

Abnormal weather is normal weather here in Maine. That’s what a senior forecaster told me when I was a young cub weather reporter back in the day. Lots of wisdom there, right?

The weather is usually not what it is supposed to be. By that I mean-if the normal average temperature for a particular day is supposed to be 45 degrees, it’s usually above or below that mark. How often does that day actually nail 45 degrees? Hardly ever.

Let’s take the month we’ve just recently waved goodbye to for example. Never mind dreaming of a white Christmas jazz, we had a white Thanksgiving this year big-time. Total snowfall for November this year: 16”. And that’s just in the Bangor area; our county friends shoveled double that amount.

How much snow did we pile-up last year in November? Zip, zero, nada, zilch. November of 2016? Barely an inch. This year? Our backs are already creaky from shoveling close to two feet of the wicked white stuff in places. Indeed, abnormal weather is normal weather here in Mainiacville.

Boy, the Celtics have been hard to read this year, right? Last year the C’s surprised us after losing lauded starter Gordon Hayward when he snapped his ankle like dry kindling early into the first game of the year. Despite that loss of offensive firepower, the Celtics were surprisingly dominant for much of the season.

This year with Hayward back along with the rest of the Celts who entertained us all last year, they are having less than an impressive season thus far. Hayward doesn’t seem to fit-in quite yet, and the starters from last year’s squad are serving more bench time then desired. What gives?

Abnormal seasons are normal seasons. Did you really think the Bosox would roll like they did this year? Abnormal. Did you predict the Pats would lose to…gulp…Detroit? Abnormal. The Celtics barely above .500 with their stacked roster? Abnormal.

So don’t fret, friends. Abnormal is normal when it comes to the Sox, the Pat’s, the B’s and yes-the Shamrocks. The pendulum swings both ways. Just when you think .500 is normal for the Celts this season, something abnormal will happen.

At least I hope so.

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