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Today's NBA Just Might Be The Best Ever

At some point most of my guy friends, and I, stopped paying much attention to the NBA.

Once Larry Bird hobbled off the court one last time with his bad back, the appeal of the NBA vanished.

Admittedly for much of my adult life, the Green Team has not been very good. But the NBA was also largely unwatchable. The game focused on big guys, post play, missed free throws and low scoring. College basketball and the drama of March Madness won us over.

But that was then. This is now. And I am back on the NBA bandwagon baby!

Sure, the Celtics are picked to win the Eastern Conference. That helps. But it is more than home town loyalty. The NBA product is as good as, and perhaps more exciting than, when I was a kid.

The games are up tempo. The players shoot a boat load of 3’s. The result is more points and games that are fun to watch!

Lets look at the evolution of the NBA the past 20 years:

The late 1990’s were the low point in modern league history. Amongst my closest dozen or so friends, the NBA was not even on our sports radar. The game stunk. In 1998 the league average for scoring was just 95 points per game. Seattle was one of just four teams averaging more than 100 points per game. Yawn.

Fast forward ahead to 2008: things were looking up. Yup, The Celtics won their first title since 1988. But the game was changing. Scoring was up to 99.9 points per game. 13 teams eclipsed the century mark in average scoring. Golden State led the way with 111 ppg. More threes are being attempted, but still no team connects for more than 10 a game.

As we sit here in November of 2018, it is not your dad’s boring old NBA. All 30 teams average more than 100 points per game. Milwaukee burns the nets for 121 points per night. Houston and six other teams average more than 115 points per outing. Today only 7 teams in the league average less than 10 made three point bombs per night.

Shot clock violation? Ha ha ha. Almost never.

It is awesome.

I thank the hoops gods that the style of ball with some guy jogging it up the floor, feeding a post player who backs in one on one and misses a 5 foot shot has gone the way short shorts.

Scoring is through the roof. The league is thriving. Check it out and tell me you don’t agree that now is a good time to get back in the NBA game.

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