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Maine Fans: Stop The Excuses and Get In The Game

4th & Goal with The Bam

Huge congrats to UMaine football! Undisputed Conference Champions!

What a great victory! Much to the dismay of the cry babies at James Madison ( Seriously.. you embarrassed yourself.)

Maine has the first round bye and a home game upcoming in the NCAA Football tournament. Fans you have no excuses. You have two weeks to prepare.

I am looking for cheap airfare that won't result in a 2nd mortgage. If I can wing in from the Sooner State to watch y'all have no excuses! Get out to Orono and support this team.

All they have done is win games at home this year and a vast majority of you missed it. Shame on you. The players and the coaches deserve better support from "fans".

Get on the phone. Buy tickets. Arrive Early. Stay late. Be loud. It starts in Orono. So, get your hunting out of the way. Get your run to the dump done. Find your warm clothes. Get rid of every lame excuse you have ever had and go tailgate. Go support YOUR UMaine Black Bears in their quest for a national championship.


While football is thriving, hockey is languishing. In a year I expected a very marked and visual improvement, I have been underwhelmed to this point. The Black Bears certainly don't look anything like an NCAA playoff team right now, with one good win over BU on Saturday notwithstanding.

I am still waiting for some tangible evidence that this team has turned the corner. I hope it's coming. I think it's coming. But I have not seen it yet.


Time to go pack my bags for a trip down to Denton, Texas to see the much improved Maine men's basketball team. Just four games into the season it is very clear that Richard Barron was the correct hire for this program!

As I implored during my football comments, I hope that folks in the area will get out of the house and go see this team play.

The women's basketball teams seems to have picked up right where they left off last year, following up their America East championship with two great wins and taking a Top 20 Duke team right down the buzzer. Very exciting stuff.

So, the moral of this story is get out of the house. Put away the excuses. Stop being tee shirt fans and be actual fans! Go support your Black Bears.

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