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3 Things I’m Thankful For...

Kyrie Irving.

The Celtics have been underwhelming in the wake of their Willie Nelson-level high expectations. In the spirit of the season of giving thanks however, I’d like to appreciate what we have, the silver lining or in this case the delicious filling of a burnt pie crust.

Kyrie has been spectacular to watch night to night. Rarely has there been an injury to a star Boston athlete where I felt robbed from getting to watch them compete at their highest level. Brady going out in the 2008 opener is the worst I’ve ever seen, but Kyrie going down last season took away our chance to see him in game 7 vs the Cavs this past spring which would have been tremendous. Getting to watch a talent like his regularly is certainly something to have seconds on. (Did you get that one Danny, lock him up long term and let’s have some more!)

Steve Pearce re-signing.

I have a soft spot for Steve Pearce. Career journeyman catches fire at the most opportune time and wins the World Series MVP. I couldn’t be happier that he’s coming back for another year.

After one-year of the Alex Cora era what we learned is that Cora values versatility and uses it very well. The Pearce/Moreland platoon is a great weapon that Cora will exploit to the fullest. It’s funny to think about things like championship MVPs, but the Sox MVPs have been Manny Ramirez, Mike Lowell and David Ortiz. Ortiz and Ramirez are hall of fame caliber players and Lowell was an all-star/gold glover.

Pearce has made stops at all the AL East teams and now will never have to buy a drink in Boston again. I couldn’t be happier for a guy like Pearce who after a long career has made an indelible mark on the game that he’ll be able to hang his hat on the rest of his life. You can argue that David Price could’ve been the MVP, but I was happier that Steve Pearce won because for Price, it would have been yet another honor for a former number one overall pick and Cy Young winner. For Pearce it just has to mean more. Oh the ovation he’ll get at the home opener next season.

The Patriots bye week.

After the flogging in Music City, I was ready for a week off. Nobody makes second half adjustments like Bill Belichick & Company and this year they need to reboot more desperately than the final season of House of Cards. They can do it and starting off in the Meadowlands against the Jets is perhaps what I’m most thankful for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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