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Gold Ball Breakdown For High School Football

And then there were eight. Eight football teams that is, playing for gold balls this weekend. I wrote a mid season and end of year football review. Now I give you the state championship report. So far, I’ve been good with picks. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so let’s not be close. Let’s be right.

Class A - Portland (9-1) vs. Thornton Academy (10-0), 11:00am, Saturday @ Fitzpatrick Stadium

Yes folks, it’s north vs. south! Not really, but according to the MPA, that’s what it is. Right now, the score is 0-0. This will be the closest score in this game. The Golden Trojans are unstoppable, and even though they are playing on Portland’s home field, it’s going to be a long day for the Bulldogs. Thornton wins big, 42-6.

Class B - Brunswick (8-3) vs. Marshwood (10-1), 6:00pm, Saturday @ Fitzpatrick Stadium

In real life, Dragons vs. Hawks would be no contest. The dragon would just breathe fire and have hawk wings for dinner, but that assumes dragons are real creatures…..are they? Google it. Here’s real life. Marshwood has won three of the last four state B titles (including two wins over Brunswick). The Dragons did beat Kennebunk two years ago, but that was then, and this is now (a great song by the that). Anyway, the Hawks fly high on Saturday, 35-14.

Class C - Nokomis (7-4) vs. Fryeburg Academy (10-1), 2:30pm, Saturday @ Fitzpatrick Stadium

This one has some intrigue. Here is a crazy stat, but it’s true. Saturday, Nokomis beat Hermon to win the Class C regional crown. That is their first ever regional championship in a boys sport...not just football, a boys sport. That is nuts. They were just 4-4 on the regular season, but they really did catch lightning in a bottle during their playoff run. The flame runs out on Saturday, Fryeburg knocked off #1 Leavitt for the second time this season to win Southern Maine C. The Raiders aren’t going to be stopped this Saturday either, 28-14 over Nokomis.

Class D - Foxcroft Academy (10-0) vs. Wells (11-0), 7:00pm, Friday @ Alfond Stadium (UMaine)

You folks understand who signs my large paychecks, right? So this one is very, very, hard for me. Foxcroft is 10-0 and probably played their best game of the year on Saturday in a 43-26 win over Bucksport in the North D final. They have been consistent all year long, and have several playmakers. That’s warm and fuzzy. Wells is not. They are a beast, and a really good one. They have won 27 games in a row, including the 2016 Class C states, and last year, they beat Foxcroft, 48-0, in the D finals. Wells won the regional title with a 54-6 win over Oak Hill. With that said, final score, Foxcroft 101 Wells 2. Ok, Wells might pick up a late touchdown too :) I can’t pick against my Ponies, but you can feel free to do so. Folks, Wells is fun to watch.

That’s it for this week, and that’s it for another football season. Four gold balls handed out on Saturday, and on Monday, basketball season starts, also known as the best season of the year. Enjoy championship weekend!

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