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A Weather Prediction Made Easier by The Black Bears and Alex Cora

December 13th. Yep, I think that’s right. Thursday, December 13this the day we folk in the Greater Bangor area will receive our first snowfall that will require grunting and groaning as we shovel off our driveways.

It’s a gut kind of thing-I have no scientific evidence or nerdy computer models informing me of this December 13th guess work. Just a feeling in my increasingly chilly bones, that’s all.

So we’ve got about a month to batten down the hatches, or more specifically, rake the yard, get the snow tires on, tune-up the snow blower, and make sure the whiffle ball bases in the back yard get stored in the basement.

Along with these usual chores involving winter prep, there’s another task I need to check-off the to-do list: mental preparation. I actually don’t mind winter all that much, but I certainly prefer the non-teeth chattering months. Has more to do with the slop and salt all over my car than the cold and snow.

But still, I must mentally prepare for what’s ahead, which involves thinking good thoughts. When the umpteenth person approaches me at the local Gov’s complaining about falling snowflakes, I need to think good thoughts.

When our five year old grandkid announces she has to go pee just as we begin to slide down our back yard on her purple sled, after I’ve spent twenty minutes squeezing her into her Dora the Explorer themed snowsuit, I need to think good thoughts.

When I’m pumping gas into my wife’s car at 11:45pm on a January night while my nose turns purple as it battles a 30 mph NW wind and a -30 wind chill, I must think good thoughts.

But there’s good news. Thinking good thoughts will be a whole lot easier this winter. In fact, keeping warm will be a piece of cake, even when I’m walking across the frozen tundra known as the Alfond parking lot to watch the Black Bears lace up the skates.

Yes siree, good thoughts and feeling just a tad warmer this winter will be easier, thanks to A. C.’s crew; A. C. of course, being Alex Cora. They beat the Yanks in the Big Apple-Handled the fearsome ‘Stros in Houston-Made the Dodgers look like the Doubters-Another world championship.

Ahhhh….feels good, doesn’t it? Good, warm memories…likely just enough stored-up to get me through to mud season. World Series Championship #4 in 14 years; better than a pair of long undies!

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