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The Pats Biggest Game Remaining Is One In Which They Don't Even Play

When it comes to the Patriots, here’s what we know:

The hard part of the schedule is long over. The team sits at 7-2 and clearly looks like the class of the conference. After six straight wins, the only game that ‘looks’ challenging the rest of the way is at Pittsburgh. But we know how those games usually go. Mike Tomlin and Big Ben find a way to have some type of breakdown when New England is the opponent. (PS, I know the Vikings are on the schedule but they’re coming to Foxboro so that makes a difference)

The key game for the Patriots the rest of the way may be on November 19. Yes I know they don’t play that day, but Kansas City does. They play the Rams in Mexico and that battle of one loss teams (as of now), could directly impact the fortunes of New England.

Since the Pats beat the Chiefs earlier in the season, they own the tiebreaker should the teams end up tied at the end of the regular season. So, IF they should meet in the AFC Championship game (too soon?), whether the game is played in Foxboro or Kansas City absolutely could be based on who wins that game south of the border.

Here's what else we know, and this is not a ‘fan boy’ statement. The ‘Patriot Way’ is a real and tangible thing. Think about the players the team has played without. Rex Burkhead and Jeremy Hill for most of the season. Sony Michel for some of the season and Rob Gronkowski the same.

Two stars from Sunday night were Josh Gordon, whose history has been well documented and Cordarrelle Patterson who was traded by the Raiders. Cleveland and Oakland, two teams that most of us could find 11 buddies to suit up and be competitive against, sent players who are more than productive players for the Patriots. It really is amazing.

Beating Green Bay was nice. Doing without Gronk and Michel was nicer and holding Aaron Rodgers to 7 points in the entire 2nd half was defensively promising.

P.S. Nice to see the Red Sox on this victory tour with other New England sports teams. Amazing baseball team, very likeable and fun to watch, going to be quite the interesting (and expensive) off season, but that’s for another time. 😊

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