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Sorry. But I Still "Strongly Dislike" David Price.

I was just being politically correct in the headline. I really still "hate" David Price.

I know. He won us Sox fans a World Series. He accounted for two of the four wins. He was good in relief. He could have been the Series MVP. I'm thankful.

But I still can't stand the man.

The guy is a jerk. A tool. A socially challenged egomaniac.

I'm sure you have heard the "I hold all the cards now" comment referring to the media grilling him on his 0-9 post season mark as a starter before the above mentioned playoff success.

This is Boston. Just like in Poker or Black Jack, you hold the cards for one hand only. Sure, you got the loudest cheers at the parade and at TD Gardenwhile holding the trophy at a Celtics game.

But it's because of the story. Price, the not so lovable loser, turns hero. At the end of the day Price is one of the highest paid people in all of American professional sports. There shouldnt need to be extra applause needed for earning your days pay.

And it's not just the card comments. He is a calculated instigator. Did you know he wore a Derek Jeter branded hat to the Celtics celebration? Yup. A nike hat with the word respect. But the "s" was replaced with a 2. The number Jeter wore. For the Yankees. The team that still owns Price.

He just can't help giving a subtle middle finger to Boston fans. But at some point he will again get lit up like a nuclear bomb against the Yankees and the fans will give him the finger. Literally.

Plus, thanks to his salary chewing up more than 12% of the payroll, handing out big money for Chris Sale and perhaps another young star just became less likely. In three years price will get the Fat Panda treatment and be exiled to the Marlins with the Sox paying the salary.

I respect (no 2 in the middle) what he did for three games. Thanks for the trophy. But I don't look forward to four more seasons of watching and listening to him. I wish he would have take his cards and folded his hand in Boston.

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