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Biggest Statement Win in 5 Years

A definite or clear expression of something. That’s the definition of a statement.

Want a real world example? When Maine football went down to Towson and beat them 35 to 28 during their homecoming. That's a statement win.

It’s hard to quantify best and worst, and moments of feeling the highest and moments of feeling the lowest. However, that win is one of, if not the biggest for the program, since they won the CAA title at home in 2013.

Personally I love it when the perpetual underdogs ( Black Bears) can look around at the rest of the league, raise both hands and make fists, then extend a finger of their choosing and let everyone else go birdwatching.

With the win Maine has a share of first place in the conference with Delaware. They have two games remaining: one at Richmond and the REGULAR SEASON finale at home against Elon.

Win one of those two and Maine is in the playoffs, no question in my opinion. Win both of them and at the minimum Maine has a share of the conference title.

I put regular season finale in all capital letters because if you win the next two, Maine would most likely host a playoff game. Bringing a team up to freeze their butts off in December is another statemen.

Enjoy the win! Because it was a big one.

Plenty more where that came from.

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